NZ Grappler Kapiti No Gi Regionals - March 2018 / by Andrew Neverman

On Saturday 3rd March 2018, Colin, Steve, Francesca and Justiz competed at the NZ Grappler Kapiti No Gi Regionals. The team had a good day at the office with the following results:

GOLD: Justiz in the Adult NoGi >> Beginner
SILVER: Colin - Masters NoGi >> Intermediate
BRONZE: Steve - Adult NoGi >> Beginner  
BRONZE: Francesca - Adult NoGi >> Beginner

It was great seeing Justiz using some of his Judo skills on the mat to upset his opponents. This competition saw everyone compete under the Sports Jiu Jitsu Federation rule set which is great if Jiu Jitsu becomes a recognised Olympic sport. As usual the vibe was great and everyone took something away to work on to prep for the next one.