Muay Thai    

J's Gym Martial Arts Academy is recognised on a national and international level, this gives our fighters and trainers the ability to interact, train, learn from and fight with many of the best muay thai trainers and fighters in the world. Muay thai has seen an increase in popularity as people are seeing its benefits in MMA events like the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator.
You will find some of NZ's best pad holders and fighters at J's Gym Academy. Though we are not strong with social media, we are definitely the largest and strongest growing Muay Thai academy in town. Along side Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai is now THE sport to be in. 

Our goals at J's Gym Martial Arts Academy are; to introduce the sport to the wider community including teenagers and troubled youth; to train individuals on self-defence so to better defend themselves; increase awareness on health; and to develop a positive manner. 
Participating in a sport such as Muay Thai, provides not only a physical outlet and helps to improve peer respect, but also develops characteristics such as self-discipline, focus and confidence.  The requirement to step out of personal comfort zones into a boxing ring fosters maturity and independence of thought.  The J’s Gym expectations of both reliability, and enthusiasm, towards the task at hand, encourage a tenacious attitude.  These are necessary fundamentals for any community leader.

Take a look at our Timetable and find a class that fits for you.


Muay Thai - Fundamentals

Fundamental classes focus on the basics from footwork, pad holding, striking, Thai clinch and fitness. We utilize a high intensity interval training method which focuses on strength and conditioning work. During the week every class will vary with an emphasis of heavy bag/pad work, drills, technique, endurance and conditioning. These classes are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. It doesn't matter if you're new to exercise and the martial arts world or you are a fitness veteran you can participate at your own pace. 

Requirements for these classes: 
- PPE: Own gloves and shin guards, mouth guard and goin protection (optional). 

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Muay Thai - Advanced/Fighters

Advanced/fighters class are for those looking at training at a faster pace with a more competitive approach. Competition is optional and for those wanting to test themselves. These classes will include partner drills, sparring and ring focused movements.

Requirements for these classes: 
- Grading.
- PPE: Own gloves and shin guards, mouth guard and goin protection (optional). 

"I do not fear the man that practices a thousand kicks one time, I fear the man that has practiced one kick a thousand times"

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Muay Thai - Teens/Kids

High quality martial arts training isn’t only for adults, kids can also enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai and Kickboxing. At J’s Gym we have programs for:
- Kids class: 8-12 years of age (6-8 years of age, with parental attendance)
- Teenage class: 13+ years of age.

These classes aim on the fundamentals with a focus on self defence, fitness principles, and bullying prevention. The facility offers a safe, clean, fun, and challenging environment. 

The requirements for these classes are optional for the first term. However, if your child continues, the correct equipment is advisable for the safety of one another: 
- PPE: Own gloves and shin guards, mouth guard and goin protection (optional).